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In narrow harbour ignore effect of wind at your own peril OR understand effects of wind in details and be prepared.

- 2 Chapters

Tide is poor man's tug. Use it with thorough understanding and avoid being caught on wrong side of tide

Understand types of tugs, their efficient and effective use in Ship Handling

7. Port Passage plans

Real world passage planning and approach guide from experienced Pilots for their ports

8. Check your knowledge

Apply your freshly acquired knowledge to develop your plans and thought process for carrying out manoeuvres in various scenarios and get it checked/ reviewed y our expert team of pilots.

To be an efficient Ships Master or Watch keeper, a thorough understanding of basic ship handling is required which gives a boost to your ship handling ability and respond more effectively to emergencies. 

Concept of Pivot point and its application.

- 3 Chapters

Understanding propulsion force, types of propulsion, transverse thrust force.

- 2 Chapter

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